Guidelines Before Bringing Your Pet to a Dog Kennel

Pets look up to us to be their spokespersons and advocates, which is why it’s crucial to prepare for their care if you are going on vacation. The business of providing pet care, which includes kennels, daycares, and groomers, is generally unregulated in many states. Therefore owners must be sure that the establishments meet the requirements of their jurisdiction.

You might be thinking about staying in an establishment and finding it is not what you expected. If you are a person, would you check out and search for a better hotel to stay in. However, if your pet is a dog, Your options are restricted.

You will almost certainly have to leave your dog behind on your trip at some moment. Though leaving your pet is hard, you need to make sure they have the safety and comfort of a place to remain.

Things to Do Before Boarding Your Dog

If you’re thinking about having your dog boarding at a kennel, ask for advice from friends or your veterinarian. Before making a boarding reservation for your pet, be sure to inquire about these issues with the facility.

Visit Facilities

It is essential to know what kind of living quarters will be. Request a facility visit to confirm that the environment is tidy, well-organized, and smell-free.

Have a look at the cages. While the idea of boarding in a cage might be appropriate for pets that have been trained in crates, however, it can cause anxiety in an animal that isn’t used to it.

Small rooms with dog bedding and toys are the norm within these “pet accommodation facilities,” giving them a comfortable atmosphere. If your dog isn’t trained, this may be the most suitable option for taking them to board. Visit a veterinary clinic for pet boarding; their website has more details.

Match Your Dog’s Lifestyle With Exercise Options

Some facilities allow dogs out for just a tiny amount of time every two days. Find a kennel that will allow your dog to walk around three or more times each day if you want your dog to get extra exercise.

Find out if the kennel is a fenced area where your dog can play. If not, inquire whether staff members can walk dogs for several minutes rather than permit them to go outside and return to their cage.

Consider Food Plans

Even when your dog is used to boarding, it could be unpleasant for it. A change in food might cause your body to undergo additional stress, which can cause diarrhea or vomiting. Bringing your dog’s regular food is the easiest way to avoid this.

Since some dogs don’t have a good diet when they board, it is possible to bring something tasty and healthy to supplement the diet to make it more enjoyable. Make sure you offer the boarding facility clear guidelines on what your dog should and shouldn’t consume. Visit a vet website like for more information.

Plan Ahead

Like the best hotels, the most reputable dog kennels are usually booked months in advance, particularly during the peak holiday travel season. Start planning your trip months, or even a year, ahead of time to ensure that your trip is smooth.

A majority of institutions will require confirmation of vaccinations as well as a clean bill of health, so take your time to see a veterinarian. To avoid kennel cough, your pet will most likely require a bordetella vaccine, and your vet may suggest a canine influenza vaccine. Contact your veterinarian for a vet for reptiles.