Our Brews

In traditional European fashion, our craft beer is brewed in small batches with no additives or preservatives. Our fresh ales, lagers, pilsners and specialty brews are available on tap in the pub, and purchase one of our Tobermory Brewing Co "Growlers" from our Brew Store. Be sure to look for our rotating selection of seasonal brews throughout the year!



 ABV: Alcohol by volume. The measure of the alcohol content

IBU: International Bitterness Units. The measure of the bitterness contributed by hops.

SRM: Standard Reference Method. A measurement of the colour of the beer.




Bruce Trail - Blonde Ale 7.40$ / 20oz

A well-balanced beer with subtle hoppiness and biscuit flavour. Pours honey coloured with a frothy white head. Underlying spiciness with notes of citrus and tropical fruits. This refreshing choice is well suited to enjoying on the patio.

5% ABV 5 SRM 25 IBU

Fire Ban - Amber Ale 7.40$ / 20oz

A medium bodied copper coloured ale with a clean finish. The aroma has a malty sweetness with light citrus and floral notes. The flavour starts with sweet bread and is followed by caramel tones. The sweetness is matched by the pine and lemon-citrus of the hops.

5.1% ABV 11  SRM 25 IBU

Fathom Five - Porter7.40$ / 20oz

This brew is malt forward with a big chocolate and roasted flavour. A medium bodied beer that is deep brown with ruby highlights. Caramel and plum notes complete the palate. an excellent choice after a long day on the water

4.5% ABV 60 SRM 25 IBU


New England IPA7.40$ / 18oz

A big, hazy, IPA, dry-hopped with mango, papaya and a heavy dosing of Mosaic hops. Its aroma is extremely pungent citrus, tropical fruit. The flavour is heavily fruit forward with a definite strong hop backbone. Better watch yourself when drinking this tropical fruit juice bomb, too many and you might end up in the water.

7.8% ABV 13 SRM 45 IBU

Frank N' Stout - Imperial Stout7.40$ / 18oz

This stout pours deep brown in colour with a tan head. It has an extremely pungent aroma with a lot of dark chocolate.Sweet vanilla and roast coffee notes. It is rich and bold (much like Tobermory Coffee Company beans it was aged on). The cocoa nibs and vanilla beans give it an added sweetness to balance out the bitterness of coffee. Bit watch out, much like our favourite bartender Frank, this beer may knock you out. 

8.4% ABV 38 SRM 18 IBU

Tall Boy Cans3.25$
Bruce Trail Blonde Ale
Fire Ban Amber Ale

Fathom Five Porter

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